How It Works

A lot of victims create themselves a great deal of stress and trauma by blaming themselves when in actual fact it’s not their fault. In the UK alone there are reported to be over 100 investment scams in operation at any one time. The companies prey on solvent and affluent members of the public, often starting with small amounts and then increasing the investment required as the confidence in the company grows.


Thomas Greil offer a range of comprehensive services and can design a bespoke solution for most situations.

We offer our clients a free, no obligation consultation before deciding whether to take on the case. Once we have accepted the case, we will conduct a thorough investigation of the case and research the company in question to the fullest extents. This will include full documentation investigation of all material related to the case, Email and digital sampling, and full representation before your bank and its ombudsman. In most cases we are able to lease with the regulators, financial institutions and credit card companies to arrange a chargeback of any fraudulent transactions.

As a last resort we have the resources to take the case before the CPS, and have significant contacts within various online fraud departments.

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